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Collision Podcast: D-Day - Live from Omaha Beach

May 20, 2019

Join us in our misery. Omg. No Way. No Way. We love you Game of Thrones!!! Jon Snow Forevs. Can you say Spin offs galore? Show notes and links at

May 16, 2019

Collision's Podcast's Ep. 5 Game of Thrones Episode podcast with Sharon, Anthony and Richard. Join us as we go Deep as we shed tears of joy and pain and the series come to a close in just one more episode! Show notes and links always at Collision

May 7, 2019

Collision Podcast's Game of Thrones, Episode 4 with Hosts Sharon M. Fitzgerald, Anthony Flores and Richard.  Dive into this episode with us as we rant the crazy hookups, heroic deaths and teas of joy.